The Dashboard serves as the Across start page. It consists of "dashlets". These are boxes or tiles that feature certain configurable functions and can be freely arranged and grouped in the Dashboard.

Dashlets can display translation and PM-specific figures or contain links to basic Across functions, modules, and webpages.

Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+B, you can access the Dashboard from other modules.


Contents of the Dashboard

The dashboard can contain links to basic Across functions and modules and can be expanded in many ways. You can select new dashlets from a variety of predefined standard dashlets and configure new dashlets individually.

Finally, there is a predefined RSS dashlet featuring the latest news about Across.

The initial stocking of the Dashboard with dashlets takes place on the basis of the affiliation of the particular Across user with the respective Across user groups. A translator is initially provided with different dashlets than a project manager.

The contents of the Dashboard (especially the values of query dashlets) are refreshed automatically at regular intervals. You can also refresh the contents of the Dashboard by pressing the F5 key or by using the corresponding command in the context menu of the Dashboard.

Dashlet Types

The Dashboard may contain the following types of dashlets:

Query dashlet
Dashlet that shows the result of a query of the PM Cockpit. For example, this might be the number of currently assigned tasks, the date of the next task completion, or the word count of all active tasks.
Link dashlet
Dashlet that can be linked to an external resource. This external resource may be a webpage, a file on a local computer, or a script or program that is to be opened or executed.
Shortcut dashlet
Dashlet for e.g. executing basic Across functions or for opening Across modules.
RSS dashlet
Standard dashlet with topical information on Across.

When a query dashlet is clicked, the PM Cockpit is automatically opened with the respective query.