Cloneable Elements

Cloneable elements are a special characteristic of XLIFF files. These special inline elements are used e.g. to tag text formatting. Due to the different sentence structure of languages, it may be necessary to clone an inline element that occurs once in a source text and e.g. to use it twice in the target sentence.

In crossDesk, cloneable elements are displayed as orange tags that can be inserted as often as necessary in the Target Editor (e.g. by double-clicking the respective tag in the Source View):


If the number of cloneable elements that you insert in the Target Editor differs from the number of those contained in the source paragraph, the translation will not be stored in crossTank.

You can insert cloneable elements in the target text just like normal XML elements. To do this, you can double-click the respective tag or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+number: Use Ctrl+Shift+1 to copy the first cloneable element of the current source paragraph to the Target Editor, Ctrl+Shift+2 for the second cloneable element, etc.