Using Change Tracking in crossDesk

A new toolbar is available for using the change tracking in crossDesk:


With the help of the icons, all common change tracking functions can be performed. The change tracking can be generally activated, and you can go to the next or previous change in the current document.


To display the change tracking toolbar, you can use the menu item View > Toolbars > Track Changes.

For the changes that are performed and tracked in the Target Editor, the respective Across user is set as author of the change, and the time of the change in crossDesk is set as the time of editing. For comments, however, the original information about the author and about the time of creation of the comment is retained.


crossTank always stores the final translations, i.e. the changes contained in a sentence are accepted for the storage in crossTank. Similarly, the QM criteria are always checked on the basis of the final translations. The only exception is the spell-check, which also takes the tracked changes into consideration in the paragraph that is currently being edited.