Word documents may contain bookmarks at certain places in the document, e.g. for setting cross-references to these places. Bookmarks consist of an opening square bracket ([) at the beginning of the bookmark and a closing square bracket (]) at the end of the bookmark. Moreover, every bookmark has a name.

Editing bookmarks in crossDesk

Across supports bookmarks which are represented as placeables in crossDesk, i.e. in the form of gray boxes. Corresponding to the bookmark structure in Word, a bookmark in crossDesk consists of two placeables with one representing the beginning of a bookmark and another representing its end. The name of the bookmark is displayed between the placeables ("Mark1" in the following example):


Bookmarks that embrace an entire paragraph, i.e. bookmarks whose two components are located at the beginning and end of a paragraph, are treated differently. These bookmarks are not displayed in crossDesk and do not need to be inserted in the translation. Across does this for you automatically, preserving the bookmarks in the document after checking out the translation.