Localizing Menus

When you translate menus, you proceed as you would when translating a regular text. However, menus usually also contain hotkeys and information on shortcut keys in addition to the text to be translated.


Hotkeys are shortcut keys with which you can directly go to or select menus, menu entries or functions in dialog boxes, (e.g. Alt+F to activate the File menu).

In the Source View, hotkeys are indicated by an ampersand (&) (e.g., "&Save All"); shortcut keys are represented by the sequence \t (e.g., "&Save All\tCtrl+S") and must be implemented in the same way in the Target Editor in order to ensure the correct function and display of the localized application or file.


Once a segment has been translated, Across checks to see whether the hotkeys and shortcut keys in the source document have also been assigned in the target document. If a hotkey or shortcut key has been omitted, this will be indicated by a corresponding error message. In addition, Across carries out an automatic comparison with hotkeys that have already been defined. If a hotkey has already been assigned, this will also be indicated by a corresponding error message.