Centrally Defined Components

Certain components of QuickSilver documents, such as prefix components and shared content, are defined and translated once per document. The translation of the definitions takes place in the corresponding crossView area. These components can then be used at various points in the document in the form of placeables.

You can translate the centrally defined components in two different ways.

  • The following example demonstrates the two methods by means of prefix components:
  • In crossView, go to the prefix component section (icn_cDesk_quicksilver_praefixkomponenten) and translate all prefix components it contains or
  • Start with the first paragraph of the QuickSilver document that is to be translated. Each time you encounter a prefix component, insert it, for example, by double-clicking the gray field (icn_cDesk_context-view_quicksilver_praefixkomponente) in the Target Editor. Right-click the gray index field and select Jump to definition.

Across will go to the corresponding prefix-content component in the prefix area (icn_cDesk_quicksilver_praefixkomponenten). You can now translate the component. Click the icn_cDesk_absatz_voriger-bearbeiteter icon in the crossDesk toolbar to return to the paragraph in the QuickSilver document you had previously been working on.

crossView Area of Prefix Components

The crossView area of the prefix components contains all definitions of the prefix components:


Using Prefix Components as Placeables

In the normal text, the prefix components are used in the form of placeables: