Converting InDesign documents


To edit InDesign documents in Across, these must be provided in the InDesign exchange formats INX (InDesign Interchange Format) or IDML (InDesign Markup Language).

Therefore, a normal InDesign document in INDD format must be converted to an INX or IDML document before you can process it in Across. Simply open the INDD document in InDesign and export it to the INX or IDML format. To do this, open the document in InDesign, click File > Export, and select the InDesign Interchange format (INX) or the InDesign Markup format (IDML) from the drop-down list File type. Then click Save. You now have an INX or IDML file that you can check into Across and process in the usual manner.


After translating the INX or IDML document in Across and checking it out, you can convert the INX or IDML file to the original INDD format. To do this, open the document in InDesign and save it as a normal InDesign document in the INDD file format under File > Save as.