Creating Previews


The preview for documents requires you to have the appropriate program installed on your computer.

The setting for previewing MIF documents has to be adjusted in the user settings.

When opening a task that involves the processing of an MIF document, you will be asked whether the setting for the preview of MIF documents is to be adapted (if FrameMaker is installed on your computer). Confirm the message with Yes. The change will be performed automatically.

  1. To change the settings manually/later, proceed as follows:
  2. Go to Tools > User Settings > General > Preview and select MIF 7 or MIF 8-2019 in the document types list.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Then select Executable and click Browse.
  5. Now change to the folder in which the file FrameMaker.exe is stored.

    This is usually the following location: C:/Program Files/Adobe/FrameMakerX.X, where X.X stands for the installed FrameMaker version.

  6. Select the file FrameMaker.exe and click OK twice in order to accept the changes.
  7. Now you can create the desired preview via the preview icons in crossDesk.