Formulas, Numbers, and Dates


Formulas, which always begin with the equals sign (=) in Excel, are usually not translated. Therefore, all formulas are ignored when checking in Excel documents. Accordingly, they are not displayed in crossDesk and do not need to be translated.

Hiding numbers and dates

By default, numbers and dates are displayed in crossDesk. The displayed numbers and dates are locked, as they are usually not translated. An option in the section of the project settings templates of Excel can be used to determine whether the numbers and dates contained in Excel files are to be hidden in crossDesk. You can activate the option under Tools > System Settings > Document settings > Excel 2000-2003:


If the option is activated, numbers and dates will not be displayed in crossDesk. In contrast, if the option is deactivated, numbers and dates will be displayed (locked) in crossDesk. This option is available for Excel 2000-2013.

Date in Excel

In Excel, dates are always displayed according to the locale selected on the particular computer. If, for example, a German locale is selected, a date contained in an Excel document will automatically be displayed in the standard German date format in Excel. If the same Excel file is opened on a computer with an English locale, the date will automatically be displayed in the standard English date format.

Hidden Contents

Excel files may have contents that should not be displayed and that are therefore hidden in the Excel files. This may be the case with individual cells as well as entire rows, columns, or spreadsheets.

The document settings templates of Excel feature options for determining whether hidden contents are to be presented in crossDesk and thus be made available for translation.

Excel 2000-2003 (XLS)
By default, hidden content is displayed in crossDesk.
Tools > System Settings > Document settings > Excel 2000-2003
Excel 2007-2016 (XLSX)
You can determine whether hidden worksheets, hidden rows and columns and hidden cells are to be checked in, making them available for translation.
Tools > System Settings > Document settings > Excel 2007-2016 > Advanced