crossWAN Load

The crossWAN load mode requires only a temporary connection to the Across Server in order to exchange data packages. The exchange of data packages takes place in direct communication with the Across Server.

Offline users use the Retrieve Task Wizard to download their tasks in the form of data packages that include any pre-translations and any crossTank and crossTerm entries from the central Across Server to the local workstation. The assigned task is processed without a connection to the Across Server. While the task is being processed, finished parts of the task can be transmitted to the Across Server with the help of the Deliver Task Wizard. Any updates of the task can be downloaded from the Across Server by means of the Retrieve Task Wizard. Upon completion of the assigned task, the offline user uses the Deliver Task Wizard to upload the finished task together with any changed crossTank and crossTerm entries to the Across Server.


Offline users cannot execute any project management functions (project management and document preparation tasks) and cannot perform term extractions. However, they can perform all other task types (term and document translation, correction and review tasks).