crossWAN Classic

In the crossWAN classic mode, the data are only exchanged indirectly between the Across Server and the Offline Client. An Internet connection is only temporarily required, if at all.

The project manager exports the data required to perform a task in the form of so-called Client Working Units (CWU files) and makes them available to the offline user, for example, by saving the data to a USB stick, by downloading them to an FTP server, or by sending them via e-mail. The offline user imports the file to Across and then works on the task. Once the task has been finished - or at any time during editing - he or she then exports the task as a so-called Client Response Unit (CRU file) and makes it available to the project manager, who then imports the file to Across.


Offline users cannot execute any project management functions (project management and document preparation tasks) and cannot perform term extractions. However, they can perform all other task types (term and document translation, correction and review tasks).