crossWeb: starting and logging in


In order to use crossWeb, you need to have a computer with an Internet connection, your Across user name, and, if applicable, your password as well as the HTTP(S) address of the Across Server. If necessary, contact your system administrator or the Across supervisor to obtain the required access data.

Moreover, you must be a member of the user group Translator, Corrector, Reviewer and/or Project manager.


crossWeb supports the following browser versions:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0
  • current versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari

The use of crossWeb requires at least 1 GB free RAM (2 GB or more recommended). In addition, a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels (4:3 format) or 1366 x 768 (16:9 format) in full screen mode is needed. (Activate/deactivate the full screen mode with F11.)

Proceed as follows to start crossWeb and log in to crossWeb:

  1. Open your computer's Internet browser and enter the address (URL) http://<server-IP-address>/crossWeb. If the Server uses an encrypted connection enter https://<server-IP-address>/crossWeb.

    Replace <server-IP-address> with the IP address of the Across Server, such as http://123.456.789.000/crossWeb.


  2. Select the language in which the crossWeb interface should be displayed.

    The crossWeb user interface is available by default in English, German, and French.


  3. Log in with your Across user name and your password.
  4. crossWeb opens up.

    The My Tasks module displays an overview of the tasks already assigned to you.

Login via Windows Authentication

Apart from the normal login with the Across user name, the login to crossWeb can also take place via the Windows user account in the Active Directory. Thus, manual login is no longer necessary, as the user is authenticated via the Windows user administration.

To use the Windows authentication, your user must have been created accordingly.

To log in to crossWeb via Windows authentication, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the Windows authentication (without entering your user name and password) in the crossWeb login screen and click Login.


  2. Subsequently, a dialog window may open up in which you can enter the Windows user name and the associated password. Enter your details and confirm them with OK.
  3. You will be logged in to crossWeb. Following the login, crossWeb will open with the My Tasks module.

When using the Internet Explorer, the option Enable Integrated Windows Authentication must be activated in the advanced settings (Tools > Internet Options > Advanced).


To log in to crossWeb with Windows authentication, the Windows user for whom Windows authentication is configured in Across must currently be logged on to Windows.


After finishing your work, you should log out from crossWeb. To do so, click the icn_cWeb_dropdown icon to the right of your user name in the top bar of crossWeb and click Logout.



You will automatically be logged out of crossWeb if you do not perform any actions in crossWeb for a certain period. By default, this period is 20 minutes.