Working Browser-based with crossWeb

crossWeb is a browser-based work environment of Across. With crossWeb, Across users can use a common browser to work with Across via the Internet.

In addition to the translation of source texts and the management of translation projects, crossWeb also allows the correction and review of translations, e.g. by external correctors or employees from various departments.

The advantages of browser-based access are obvious:

  • You can work with Across even without an Across installation.
  • You are free to work with Across from virtually any location around the globe. All you need is a computer with a browser and an Internet connection.
  • You always automatically work with the latest Across version; you do not need to install updates.
  • And last but not least: you can work with Across regardless of your platform – no matter whether you have Windows, macOS, or Linux.

While working with crossWeb, users have direct access to the Across Language Server and the documents and resources stored there. Thus, the users are seamlessly integrated in the Across workflows and work almost in the same way as they are used to from their "normal" crossDesk.