Reviewing Translations in Standard Mode

After confirming and opening a task assigned to you, the document will be displayed in the browser window along with all information relevant for your task.

In the central window area, the source text and the target text are displayed next to each other. The crossView is located on the left side of the window. Using the individual tabs, you can select different views and functions of the current document. The bottom pane combines two search modes in one: the fuzzy search for searching for entire sentences in the crossTank and the concordance search for searching for individual words in the crossTank. The matching entries from the crossTerm terminology system are displayed in the right pane.

Each paragraph has an editing state. Upon confirmation of the task, the documents you process as reviewer have the default editing state Translated (icn_cDesk-Web_zustand_uebersetzt). Your task is to review the document and set the reviewed paragraphs to the editing state Reviewed (icn_cDesk-Web_zustand_lektoriert). This can be done with the corresponding icon in the crossWeb toolbar or via the context menu.

The editing states can be set one by one for the individual paragraphs for the entire document using the respective item in the context menu.

While editing review tasks, reviewers can delegate paragraphs that need to be revised by the translator, e.g. due to errors or inaccuracies, back to the translator. To delegate a paragraph back, set it to the editing state Touched (icn_cDesk-Web_zustand_bearbeitet).

To make the work as easy as possible for you as a reviewer, you cannot edit the content of the document. However, you can insert bookmarks and comments for the corrector who is going to work on the document after you.

After completing the current task, the task must be finished. This can be done with the icn_cDesk-web_aufgabe-abschliessen icon in the crossWeb toolbar.

Inserting comments

Proceed as follows to add a comment to the translation:

  1. Select the paragraph in which you want to insert a comment.
  2. Click the icn_cDesk-web_kommentar_kopie icon in the crossDesk Web toolbar. Alternatively, you can use the item Comments and Changes in the context menu of the Context View or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+C.
  3. Enter a comment in the yellow field.
  4. Click ADD.
  5. The comment is listed in the Comments and Changes window.

Preview Mode

The preview mode is especially suitable for translation reviews or for the proofreading of text passages by the translator. In the top window area, the preview mode displays the current result of the translation: as long as a paragraph is not translated, the source text will be displayed. As soon as a paragraph is translated, the translation will be displayed.


Click the icn_cDesk-web_vorschaumodus icon in the crossWeb toolbar to switch to the preview mode.