Reviewing Translations with crossWeb

The following instruction show how you can review a translation with crossWeb.


For the work in crossDesk Web, the following browser versions are supported:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari

The use of crossWeb requires at least 1 GB free RAM (2 GB or more recommended). In addition, a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels (4:3 format) or 1366 x 768 (16:9 format) in full screen mode (F11) is needed.


For reviewing translations with crossWeb you need an online license, your Across username, and possibly a password. Furthermore, you need the HTTP(S) address of the Across Server. If necessary, contact your system administrator or the Across Supervisor to obtain the required login details.

Moreover, you must have the needed rights. By default, the user group Reviewers is intended for the review of translations.

crossWeb and opening task

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open your computer's Internet browser and enter the address http://server-IP-address/crossWeb. If the Server uses an encrypted connection enter https://<server-IP-address>/crossWeb.

    Replace server-IP-address with the IP address of the Across Server.


  2. Select the language in which the crossWeb interface should be displayed. The interface is available in English, German, and French.


  3. Log in with your Across user name and your password.
  4. crossWeb opens up. The My Tasks module displays the tasks already assigned to you.


  5. Select the correction task you want to work on.
  6. Click Confirm/Reject at the top right of the My Tasks module.
  7. A dialog window will open. It displays all relevant data for each task at a glance. In order to decide whether to confirm or reject a task, you can look at a preview of the source document using the Show content button.
  8. Click Confirm to accept the task.
  9. Now you can open this task. To do this, click Open at the top right of the My Tasks module.
  10. crossDesk opens, displaying your review task.

Working in crossDesk

  1. In the central window area, the source text and the target text are displayed next to each other in the Correction Mode (icn_cDesk-web_korrekturmodus). (You can also use the Target text Mode (icn_cDesk-web_source-view) or the Combi Mode (icn_cDesk-web_kombimodus) for reviewing translations.) The crossView is located on the left side of the window. Using the individual tabs, you can select different views and functions of the current document. The bottom pane combines two search modes in one: the fuzzy search for searching for entire sentences in the crossTank and the concordance search for searching for individual words in the crossTank. The matching entries from the crossTerm terminology system are displayed in the right pane.
  2. Each paragraph has an editing state. After confirming the review task, the paragraphs normally have the editing state Translated (icn_cDesk-web_absatzzustand_uebersetzt). Your task is to check the document and set the reviewed paragraphs to the editing state Reviewed (icn_cDesk_zustand_lektoriert). This can be done with the corresponding icon in the crossWeb toolbar or via a context menu command in the Context View.
  3. Set the first paragraph to Reviewed. The icon will change from icn_cDesk-web_absatzzustand_uebersetzt to icn_cDesk_zustand_lektoriert.

    You can delegate a paragraph back to the translator for revision by setting it to the editing state Touched (icn_cDesk-web_absatzzustand_bearbeitet).

  4. Continue with the next paragraph. To do this, click the respective paragraph. In this way, the paragraph is marked and can be processed.

    The editing states do not need to be assigned one by one for all paragraphs; you can also assign the editing states en bloc for the entire document. This can be done by means of the Set All Paragraphs to Reviewed item in the context menu.

    For quick navigation in the entire document, use the crossView in the left pane.

  5. To make the work as easy as possible for you as a reviewer, you cannot edit the content of the document. However, you can insert bookmarks and comments for the corrector who is going to work on the document after you. For this purpose, you can use the icn_cDesk-web_lesezeichen and icn_cDesk-web_kommentar icons in the crossWeb toolbar or the respective commands in the context menu of the Context View.
  6. You can quit processing a task at all times by clicking the icn_cDesk_aufgabe-schliessen icon in the crossWeb toolbar or Close Task in the top right area of the window.
  7. As soon as you have completed the review of the document, you can finish your task. To do this, click the icn_cDesk_aufgabe-abschliessen icon in the crossWeb toolbar.
  8. The crossDesk is closed and the My Tasks module appears again. Since the task has been finished, it is no longer included in the list of assigned tasks.