crossWeb Review Mode

The crossWeb Review Mode is an optimized work environment for the browser-based review of translations. The review mode is intended especially for Across users who use Across infrequently, e.g. external reviewers. For this purpose, crossDesk Web is reduced to the main functions for the review of translations.

In the Review Mode, the source text and the translation are nicely displayed side by side. The Target Editor and the crossTank window are not displayed. The crossTerm window always displays the search results for the entire current paragraph.

crossView is also simplified: Only the tree structure for quick navigation in the text and the tabs for attachments and for the search in the document are displayed.

Working in the Review Mode

After confirming and opening a task assigned to you, the document will be displayed in the browser window along with all information relevant for your review task.

Your task is to review the individual paragraphs of the translation.

Mark paragraphs that you have reviewed as Reviewed. You can do this e.g. by activating the checkbox to the right of the translated paragraphs. You can also do this by pressing the space bar or Enter.

To go to another paragraph in the document, simply click the respective paragraph with the mouse. You can also navigate in the tree structure (icn_cView_baumstruktur) in crossView, the bar at the left edge of the screen. Moreover, you can move to the next or previous paragraph with the Down Arrow and Up Arrow keys.

Task finishing

A review task is finished as soon as you have reviewed the entire translation. For this, you do not need to set all paragraphs of the translation to Reviewed. You can finish a review task whenever you wish, even if you have not activated all checkboxes of the paragraphs of the current document.

To finish the review task, click icn_cWeb_aufgabe-abschliessen Finish task in the toolbar of the Review Mode and Finish in the following confirmation dialog.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For processing review tasks with the crossWeb Review Mode, the following keyboard shortcuts are available in crossWeb:

Space or
Set current paragraph to Reviewed (or Not reviewed)
Ctrl+space bar or
Ctrl+Enter key
Set current paragraph to Reviewed and go to the next paragraph that has not yet been reviewed (or set current paragraph to Not reviewed and go to the next reviewed paragraph)
Down Arrow
Go to next paragraph
Up Arrow
Go to previous paragraph
Ctrl+Down Arrow
Go to next paragraph that has not been reviewed
Ctrl+Up Arrow
Go to previous paragraph that has not been reviewed