Reviewing with crossWeb

The review of translations with crossWeb comprises the browser-based checking and commenting of translations. In this way, external reviewer or members of a technical department can systematically proofread texts. While being seamlessly integrated in a continuous workflow, your usual freedom is not curbed in any way.

Review tasks do not allow changes to be made to the translation. However, reviewers can e.g. enter their observations and proposals in the translation in the form of comments. Upon completion of the review task, the comments can be processed and any needed changes can be made in the translation by the Across user whom the downstream task is assigned to in the selected workflow.

The browser-based review of translation is part of the standard workflow translation, review, and correction. Thus, a document that is to be reviewed with crossWeb after being translated must be assigned this workflow during project setup.

Review modes

You can select the desired editing mode via a corresponding option in the Review section of the crossWeb user settings as well as the Online Client:


Review Mode
Reduced crossDesk working environment optimized for reviewing.
Standard mode
Standard crossDesk workspace.

If you change the setting while crossDesk Web is open, close and restart it for the changed setting to take effect.