Tasks Module

The Tasks module serves the management and the assignment of tasks to Across users. The module is divided in three sections:

Displays all projects.
Displays tasks of the project selected in the upper pane.
Displays the Across users assigned or available for assignment.


User types

Across users are divided in online users and offline users.

Online users are located in the local network (LAN), from where they directly access the Across Server.

In contrast, offline users work outside the LAN and therefore have only indirect access to the Across Server by connecting to the Server temporarily over the Internet.

Both online and offline users can translate texts with crossWeb.

Assigning Tasks

To assign a task to an Across user, first select the project from the upper pane and finally a corresponding task from the middle pane. The lower pane lists all Across users whose group membership and language combination make them eligible for processing the task. To assign the task, select the desired Across user and activate the checkbox to the left of the respective user name or click Assign Task. In this way, the checkbox is marked with a checkmark (icn_cWeb_aufgabe-zugewiesen-kontrollkaestchen). Thus, the task has been assigned.

Assigning tasks to offline users

To assign tasks to offline users (icn_cWeb_offline-benutzer), these users must be assigned a crossWAN packaging template. By means of these templates, it is possible to define which data the respective offline user is to receive for processing the tasks assigned to him.

The creation and assignment of crossWAN packaging template takes place in the Online Client. To create a template, go to Tools > System Settings > General > crossWAN Packaging Templates.

The templates can be assigned either while setting up a new offline user or, for existing users, in the crossWAN Settings tab of the properties of the respective user in the User module.

Assigning tasks to a Trusted Server

By means of the temporary connection and interaction of Across Servers, crossGrid enables the flexible distribution of projects and tasks beyond the borders of the own organization (and the own Across installation).

The server to which tasks are delegated serves as the Trusted Server. The transmission of tasks to a Trusted Server takes place in the form of packages. A package can be assigned several tasks, even from different projects.

The assignment of tasks to a Trusted Server works in the same way as the assignment of tasks to users; the only difference is that the tasks are not assigned to users, but to packages (icn_cWeb_trusted-server).


Packages are created before task assignment and packed after task assignment in the crossGrid module of the Online Client. However, these processes can be automated by using crossGrid packaging templates and auto-packaging.

Unassigning Assigned Tasks

To unassign a task assigned to an Across user, you should merely disable the checkbox on the left of the respective user name or click the Unassign task button.

The following overview shows the user icons for the task assignment:

Online users
Offline users
crossGrid packet