Projects Module

The Projects module serves the management of existing projects and the creation of new projects. The module is divided in three sections:

Displays all projects that have already been created.
Displays the documents contained in the selected project.
Displays the target languages of the respective document.


Each of the three panes feature additional relevant information such as progress or due date (of a project, a document or a target language). In addition, you can view and customize corresponding properties (of a project, a document or a target language) using the Properties button.


Setting up a Project

In Across, a project is a structured framework for managing documents to be translated. Projects may contain documents of various file types. Each document within a project has a source language and at least one target language.

Use the New button to start the Project Wizard which will guide you through the creation of a new project.


By default, the size of the files that can be checked in is limited to 4 MB. However, a system administrator can adjust the size.

Naturally, the speed of the check-in process depends on the available Internet bandwidth and other factors.

Checking out Documents

Click Check-out button to check out documents with the help of the Check-Out Wizard. In this way, the documents will be available in their original format outside Across.


Reports transparently summarize all important information and statistics related to projects in Across. In crossWeb, the Master Data Report can be generated. You can generate the report using the Reports button in the Projects module.


Adding Attachments

To provide translators with additional information on a project or a translation task, you can attach any reference documents or other files to the project. Proceed as follows:

  1. In the Tasks module, select the project to which you want to add an attachment.

    You can add attachments at project, task, or language level. The attachments will subsequently be available in the respective property dialogs. Im crossDesk, attachments at project and document level are displayed to all users involved in the respective project/document. Attachments at language level or visible only to the user who processes the respective target language.

  2. Click the Properties button.
  3. Go to the Attachments tab.
  4. Click Add to attach files to the project.

    The total size of all attached files should not exceed 100 MB.