Checking out Documents with crossWeb


After checking out a document and especially before publishing or forwarding the checked-out document, we recommend reviewing the document and checking the correctness of any translations auto-inserted by the pre-translation.

This instruction will help you to learn how to check out documents in crossWeb and convert them to their original format.

  1. Go to the Projects module using the Projects tab.


  2. Select a project for which you want to check out one or more documents.
  3. Click Check-Out to start the Check-Out Wizard to check out documents.
  4. Activate the corresponding checkbox to select the translations to be exported. If you wish to export all documents in all target languages, you can use the Select all button. Clicking the column headers to select the desired documents by means of filters.



    In addition to the target documents, the corresponding source documents can also be checked out - for example, as a back-up in case they are deleted by mistake. To do this, click the icn_spaltenkopf_filter_mit-rahmen icon in the third column, select the source language in addition to the target languages.

  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the structure in which the documents to be checked out are to be stored.



    If you are checking out several documents, some of which have been translated into several languages, it is easy to lose track of them. To prevent this, folders can be created for storing the documents during check-out.

    You have four different options here:

    Keep structure of directories
    The (sub-)folder structure that source documents had during project creation is preserved also during document check-out.
    Create subfolders for each language
    For each target and/or source language, a subfolder is created for all files of the respective language.
    Create subfolders for each document
    For each document that was processed within the scope of the project and is to be checked out, a separate subfolder is created for the files of the respective documents in all target languages checked out.
    Don't create subfolders
    When this option is selected, no subfolders will be created for storing documents.
  7. Depending on the option you have chosen in the upper part of the dialog window, you can expand the filename by a corresponding language and sublanguage, a user-defined ending or no ending at all. (The latter option is only recommended when checking out only one language.)
  8. Click Next to start the check-out procedure.
  9. After the documents have been checked out, they are available for download in the form of a link. It is also possible to download all documents in one zip archive.


  10. To download a desired document, click the link with the left mouse button or select Save target as using the right mouse button.
  11. Click Finish to exit the Check-Out Wizard.