User Group Contributes to Product Development of Across Systems GmbH

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Across Systems GmbH is pleased with the collaboration with its user group. The user group was formed about a year ago for the purpose of enabling users to actively participate in designing the Across technology. After evaluation by the product management, many of the ideas that the group comes up with are taken into consideration in the further development of the Across Language Server and of the Across Translator Edition. Some of the suggestions have already become part of version 7 of the translation management software of Across Systems GmbH, which will soon be available.

In early 2018, the members of the Across user groups met for the first time to discuss how the translation quality can be boosted by using the Across technology. Six topics were discussed intensively in individual groups. The range of subject areas included project management, terminology and terminology processes, as well as quality assurance and industry standards. Over the past months, the participants have elaborated more than 30 decision templates from their discussion results and submitted these to the Across product management. "The suggestions of the user group are very interesting for the project development. Our customers have outstanding ideas on how we could further improve the Across technology", says Gerd Janiszewski, CEO of Across Systems GmbH. "All members of the group look back on years of experience, and we are happy to be able to tap this potential."

The Across product management team has intensively reviewed all suggestions for feasibility and priority and informed the user group of the result of the evaluation. At the bottom line, more than half of the submitted suggestions will eventually be incorporated in the further development of the Across Language Server and of the Across Translator Edition.

"Thousands of translators and more than 1,500 companies that use our Across technology benefit from the work of the user group", says Gerd Janiszewski, summarizing what has been achieved.

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