Translating Confluence Contents with the Across Language Server

Karlsbad, October 29, 2013: In many companies, Wiki-based knowledge exchange with colleagues and customers has already become standard practice. To facilitate the collaboration with international partners, an add-on for the Wiki software Confluence now enables the management of multilingual contents within a subject area, the so-called space. The Across translation management system can be connected directly for the purpose of translating the contents.

Using the Scroll Translations add-on, pages can be translated directly in Confluence whenever necessary, e.g. for internal use. If consistent translations are desired for the collaboration with customers or for the planned publication of a text, it is advisable to integrate an external translation management system such as the Across Language Server. The central software platform for all translation processes and language resources enables the localization of Confluence pages with the help of professional tools. A translation memory and a terminology system provide more consistency, and numerous automation options make the collaboration with translators and language service providers easier.

All Languages in One Space

The add-on for Confluence was developed by K15t Software GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany. "The documentation and uncomplicated availability of multilingual information play an increasingly important role in businesses. With Scroll Translations, Confluence users can toggle languages with a click. In this way, knowledge sharing via Wiki becomes even easier", explains Stefan Kleineikenscheidt, CEO of K15t Software GmbH.

At this year's tekom annual conference, which will be held from November 6 to 8 in Wiesbaden, Germany, interested visitors will be able to learn how the add-on can be used. Both Across Systems GmbH and K15t Software GmbH will have trade show booths (booth 107 and 402) where the live integration of the Across Language Server in the system will be demonstrated.


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