TechComm of Adobe, FCT, and Across Celebrates Successful Premiere

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Adobe, FCT, and Across are looking back on the first successful TechComm. The companies had extended the invitation for this expert forum on the eve of the tekom spring conference on April 22, 2015 in Darmstadt, Germany. In view of the positive response of the approximately 50 participants, most of whom were technical writers, similar events are being planned in other cities.

A central statement that was highlighted throughout the event was that apart from PDF documents, it will henceforth be necessary to provide or enable access to situation-specific information on diverse media, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Within the scope of an application report, Mathias Tancredi, Head of Technical Writing/Documentation at Herrenknecht AG, a globally leading manufacturer of tunnel building machines, explained how his company creates complex documentation with structured Adobe FrameMaker, the editorial system TIM from Fischer Computertechnik FCT AG, and the translation management system Across Language Server. "Mr. Tancredi's presentation impressively demonstrated how important it is to plan documentation and translation processes with farsightedness. If the upstream and downstream processes and systems are integrated from the outset, process steps can be automated in a meaningful way via interfaces, and savings potential can be exploited even more effectively", says Christian Weih, Chief Sales Officer, Across Systems GmbH.

After the application-oriented presentation, the participants were given opportunity to discuss various subjects in nine special expert forums. The main focus was on today's requirements, such as the growing demands on timeliness, quality, online availability, and the dynamic provision of information on mobile devices. The spectrum ranged from the question how documentation can be made "global ready" to how information can be distributed via a modern content delivery portal to the automation of translation processes.


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