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From November 8 to 10, the tekom annual conference in Stuttgart presented participants with a wealth of opportunities to get information on the technical developments and future trends of technical communication. At this key industry event, Across Systems GmbH was on site both as an exhibitor and with presentations on the conference program. The presentations and conversations with participants boiled down to three hot topics for software manufacturers:

The Translation Process – a Black Box?

For many customers of translation services, the translation process is like a black box. In view of the growing volume of contents, media, and language, customers are increasingly interested in implementing transparent, measurable, and controllable processes. With respect to the steps upstream and downstream of the translation stage, there is a need to streamline more and more processes, while remaining in control of the workflow as a whole. Therefore, enterprises are increasingly interested in the introduction of a supporting software solution.

COTI Specification

The COTI (Common Translation Interface) specification, which has been elaborated by the Association of German Manufacturers of Authoring and Content Management Systems, was also talked about. The objective is to facilitate and standardize the communication between authoring and translation management systems. Existing and prospective Across customers mentioned that they knew COTI, but had not yet adopted it in their daily operations. Many are eager to see how things will develop in this area. Across Systems will support the specification as soon as a real need becomes evident.

Technical Trends

Across Systems, the manufacturer of a leading translation management system, was especially interested in the technical trends. Everybody is talking about subjects such as DITA, content delivery, and augmented reality. But especially in the field of translation management, it is evident that rather than focusing on entirely new functions, software users are interested in the consistent further development of the existing functions, e.g. in the fields of terminology and process automation.

"From the user perspective, the tekom annual conference clearly showed that not every trend generated by software manufacturers delivers genuine added value which can be applied in the daily work. Besides innovation, the development should thus concentrate primarily on user-friendliness, performance, and stability", says Christian Weih, Head of Sales, Across Systems.

These and other hot industry topics continue to be discussed in the Across community. The Across conferences for industrial enterprises and language service providers in early March 2017 will provide further opportunity for discussions.




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