Practical Knowledge, Networking, and Klingon: Rewarding Across Conferences in Cologne

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On March 8 and 9, Across Systems GmbH again held its annual conferences at the KOMED MediaPark in Cologne, Germany. Apart from a preview of the development of the Across Language Server, the conferences focused on the exchange of knowledge and experience. The keynote by Star Trek expert Dr. Hubert Zitt was a special highlight for technology fans.

Product Development

While the Across User Conference on Day One addressed industrial enterprises, the Across LSP Day on Day Two targeted language service providers. Both conferences started with a product development outlook. "We deliberately decided not to introduce any new Across version to the market in 2017, but rather to optimize what is already available. Across has a wide, complex function scope. In the coming months, we want to continue to improve the functionality and use synergies", says Gerd Janiszewski, CEO of Across Systems. "The dialog with the conference attendees and our Advisory Boards has confirmed that we are on the right path."

The keywords "performance", "user friendliness", and "stability" were heard frequently. These keywords represent what Across wants to stand for in the future – a translation management system that helps its users to tackle the challenges of creating content for the international market even more efficiently. This also includes expanded integration options for third-party systems in order to further automate processes.

User Knowledge

Experiences of Across users and impulses for optimizing internal translation processes were shared on both conference days. The user roundtables on four different subject areas at the User Conference and the podium discussion on "The Future of Translation Quality" at the LSP Day featured some lively exchange of experiences. To give its users even more opportunity for discussions, Across Systems is going to set up an Across user group. This user group will supplement the Advisory Boards, which have a more strategic focus, and be open to translators, language service providers, and industrial enterprises. Across will duly communicate the official call for candidates, which is set to start in spring.

At both conferences, the keynote "Star Trek: How Technical Visions Have Come True" was a highlight after the lunch break. In an entertaining manner, Dr. Hubert Zitt, lecturer at the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences, showed how much of our modern technology was merely science fiction just a few decades ago.


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