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In its online network crossMarket, Across Systems brings together translators, language service providers, and translation customers.

The new job board helps to make the search for translation partners even more efficient. On the job board, customers can easily post their translation projects with the help of templates and receive applications from translators and language service providers. Anonymous postings are also possible. In view of the wide range of 10,000 expert profiles, there is a good chance of quickly finding a suitable translation partner without any major research overhead.

For language professionals, the job board makes the search for attractive jobs very easy. Users can either view all new jobs or narrow down the display to those that match their profile. After submitting an application without assuming any obligation, the translator or language service provider will be contacted or informed when the job is closed. Numerous partnerships have already been established by way of crossMarket:

crossMarket has made it very easy for me to find new customers. All I had to do was create an informative profile and become visible. This is a great opportunity for freelancers. I am very happy that some inquiries have resulted in ongoing business relationships. In this way, I am able to plan for the future and secure my livelihood as a freelancer

Sarah Elipot, translator

Tanja Wendling, Head of Marketing at Across Systems, explains: "crossMarket is not an auction platform, and price negotiations are not influenced. Our objective is to facilitate the collaboration of all actors in the translation process by providing a transparent, comparable presentation of the competencies and requirements."

The job board is now available to all crossMarket members (basic and premium) without any additional charges. Detailed information on the online network for Across is available at


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