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Computer-aided translations with the help of translation memory technology deliver numerous advantages. Nevertheless, many enterprises have not yet or only partially come in touch with such systems. For this reason, they are often still unaware of the functions and actual savings potential. In a white paper, Across Systems, manufacturer of the Across Language Server, explains the basic modes of operation and central modules of translation management systems (TMS).

To begin with, the white paper shows the difference between machine translation and translation with the help of a TMS, as the two systems are often confused. For a machine translation system to work, it must first be filled with data for predefined language pairs. Subsequently, the actual translation takes place automatically, i.e. without any human interaction. The result can be post-edited by a reviewer or translator. However, the changes are not entered in the system directly, but are only entered after some time, if at all. By contrast, a translation system with translation memory technology can be used immediately for any language combination and supports human translators in their work. The data repository grows with every translation that is prepared with the help of the system. Accordingly, the learning effect of the system takes place at the same time as the translation. In the ideal case, the translator thus benefits from a previous translation right away when he starts with the next sentence.

Moreover, the white paper explains the typical components and functions of common translation management systems, such as the translation memory, the terminology database, project management, and quality assurance modules as well as their interaction in the overall translation process.

The white paper of Across Systems is designed to provide enterprises that have just started to examine the subject of computer-aided translation with easy-to-understand basic information.

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