Last boarding call for upgrading to version 7.0

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The version 7 major releases of Across Language Server and Across Translator Edition have been available for more than a year now. What has happened so far? Over the last 12 months, Across Systems GmbH has rolled out several updates:

February 2019: With its version 7 upgrade, Across Systems GmbH rolled out a new major release of its translation management software. Under the slogan of “Speed up your translation processes,” the primary benefits of the new major release include optimized translation processes and seamless integration of third-party machine translation systems.

June 2019: The Gilded Sapphire update empowers users to make their processes even more efficient. With this update, the software publisher serves up several additional functions and improvements, including expanded quality management criteria and filter options for post-editing.

December 2019: The Emerald update further underscores the v7 slogan. The new release focuses on functions that simplify terminology work while simultaneously improving productivity and usability.

So if you are still using version 6.3, it’s high time to update your software, if only for one very good reason: Starting on June 30, 2020, our customer support will no longer be providing support for version 6.3.

All users of Across Language Server will receive further information about the migration process from their customer service rep. They are available to advise and assist you by telephone as well as by e-mail.

Users of Across Translator Edition can obtain the update for installation by the user by following this link:

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