John Deere: Transparent Translation Management with Across

Karlsbad, October 1, 2013: Every year, thousands of translation projects are rolled out at John Deere GmbH & Co. KG. To process and bill these projects more efficiently, the company has decided to deploy the Across Language Server. While the translation management system keeps all processes transparent, the translation costs are reduced significantly.

In the fall of 2012, Across went live at John Deere GmbH Co. KG. The system's central approach is an advantage for the 39 target languages that are currently processed by internal translators and five external language service providers. "For us, maximum transparency in the translation process was the decisive argument for the system change. The Across philosophy of managing all language resources and unifying the project management on a single platform reflects our notion of a modern translation management system. In this way, we retain full data sovereignty in the company and enable our language service providers to operate on the basis of the same consistent databases", explains Jürgen Rohr, Head of Technical Translations at John Deere. Moreover, John Deere was able to simplify and automate its previous time-consuming translation billing processes with its numerous suppliers.

Tackling Times Zones through Process Automation

At John Deere, many translation projects involve employees at different locations. The company employs a high degree of automation to address the challenge of realizing short processing times even if a lot of communication is required. Language service providers can automatically download project-relevant data packages from the Language Server and upload them after processing them. The loading times can be coordinated in such a way that time zones pose no problem and processes are effectively interlocked.

In the first stage, Across was introduced in the Technical Documentation department. A further rollout of the system across department and country boundaries is currently being planned. In the future, additional target languages, including Armenian and Azerbaijani, are also to be processed with Across.


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