Individualized Translation Processes with Across v5.7

Karlsbad, May 21, 2013: The buzzwords "traceability" and "transparency" aptly describe the focus of the new version of the Across Language Server. In v5.7, Across Systems GmbH has introduced new functions for reliable, efficient translation processes and expanded existing features. Thus, the software manufacturer now provides its customers with additional possibilities to give their own processes a personal touch.

A key innovation is the Web-based solution for the creation and processing of terminology suggestions. With the help of the new module, all employees who use Across via a Web browser and who have the needed access rights can participate in the development of the corporate terminology by submitting their own suggestions. In this way, the company benefits from the expertise of its employees and can make its terminology work more transparent by means of customizable workflows.

The new "Track Changes" function in Across also contributes to higher transparency. It is especially useful for the requirements in strictly regulated areas, as it enables the translation of DOCX documents including tracked changes to the target languages. In industries such as medical technology, it is important to be able to track all revision steps in a text as well as in all translations.

The expansions in the LSCM (Linguistic Supply Chain Management) module facilitate comprehensive supplier comparisons and assist project managers in the price calculation and cost control of translation projects. Additional functions for the localization of display texts, such as the entry of comments, and the support of XLIFF files complement the functionality of the new Across version.

Brief video presentations of selected functions are available on the Across YouTube-Channel.


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