Important Customer Information: Changes in Licensing Management (04/13)

Karlsbad, April 2013

Dear Across Customers,

Since Across was founded and the first version 2.7 was released in 2003, we have not changed our licensing model, and we do not plan to do so for version 5.7 (to be released in April 2013) either. The proven-in-use licensing model takes our product philosophy of secure and transparent networking of all parties of the translation supply chain into account.

User Licenses and Softkeys

The licensing model provides for user-specific and, most importantly, person-specific Across licenses and softkeys. An individual user license must be used and a corresponding personalized softkey must be generated and employed for each person working with Across. An online or offline Across user who is to be assigned a task in Across or who wants to log in to Across needs to be equipped with an active license that has been created for this particular person.

The number of purchased licenses corresponds to the number of Across users that can use the system concurrently. So, if you have purchased 5 user licenses, you can assign tasks to 5 users at the same time. A user license only needs to be assigned to the respective user for as long as a task is being processed. After the task has been completed, the user license can be deactivated, e.g. until the user is to be assigned a new task.

Thus, anonymization of user licenses and of the associated softkeys for the purpose of having a single user license or a single softkey used by two or more persons is not in accordance with our licensing model and is therefore not permitted. Starting with version 5.7, the possibility of shared use of a user license and softkey by several persons will henceforth be prevented by the software. In this way, you can ensure that your data are only received and processed by the person they are intended for.

Assignment of User Licenses and Softkeys to Third-Party Companies

We would like to point out that the transfer of user licenses and softkeys to employees of other companies is not in accordance with our license terms. This may only be done by language service providers who would like to integrate their customers in an automated proofreading/reviewing process.

Any questions regarding our licensing model? Just get in touch!

Your Across Systems Team


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