Help for Decision Makers: Screen Translation Processes with the Across Data Cube

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With the latest version of its translation management system, Across Systems GmbH features a special component for decision makers on the basis of business intelligence (BI) concepts. The Across Data Cube enables the examination of corporate translation processes and creation of individual reports and indicators directly from within Microsoft Excel. 

At defined intervals, a data model is created from the data collected in the translation process (e.g. costs, volumes, supplier structures, quality measurements, flow times, and company-specific information). The data are captured and processed to a form that can be analyzed. The decision maker can examine this information in various ways, allocate the workload and costs, and subsequently address optimization issues. On the basis of the various values, dimensions, and filters, the data can be flexibly analyzed according to the specific needs. For example, translation costs over time or the growth of the translation volume of a certain language can be analyzed and displayed in charts. The Across Data Cube helps to make forecasts on the basis of facts and trends, e.g. for the purpose of building up resources in due time based on the volume development of a target language.

Further information on the Across Data Cube is available in our product overview or in a personal meeting at the Across booth 2/B06 at the tekom annual conference.


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