From 0 to 10,000: crossMarket Online Network Growing!

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In late 2015, Across Systems went online with its crossMarket network for the translation and localization industry. Since then, the number of members has grown continually, surpassing the mark of 10,000 in May.

In view of the poor transparency and lack of structure of the translation market in general, the search for suitable translation partners or – from the opposite perspective – the search for customers with interesting translation projects often represents a major challenge. crossMarket has been developed for the purpose of facilitating the search for translators, language service providers, and industrial enterprises for joint projects.

"By means of informative profiles, our online network assists customers in gaining a quick overview of the competencies of translators and LSPs. The membership figures confirm our claim that a more systematic search for a translation partner increases the probability of finding a suitable partner for a particular project", says Tanja Wendling, Head of Marketing at Across Systems.

With its professional user profiles, crossMarket offers attractive marketing opportunities for language experts. In the industry, the network has already attracted a lot of attention, which Across Systems continues to promote with systematic communication measures.

From June 1, 2017, Across will celebrate the 10,000-member mark with a 10-day discount campaign. For more information, go to


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