Feature Voting: What Translators Would Like to Have in the Across Translator Edition

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Industrial enterprises and language service providers had already voted back in March. Now, all crossMarket members with freelancer accounts were given the opportunity to actively participate in the design of the next version of the Across Translator Edition. Nine predefined features were to be sorted in descending order by their degree of importance. The voting has revealed the following order:

  • Search & replace in multiple documents
  • Open multiple tasks as one
  • Improved QM checks
  • Add smart auto-completion
  • Edit source text
  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Simplified comments workflow
  • Improved “My tasks“ possibilities
  • Add time measurement

A free text field was provided for additional wishes and ideas. We would like to thank all participants for taking the time to share their experience and needs with us.

Next, the results of the feature voting will be discussed with the development department and will be compared with the feedback of our industrial and LSP customers. Additionally, we will consult the Translators' Advisory Board for the further planning. Of course, we will keep all users of the Across Translator Edition informed of the further decisions and developments.

Based on some of the comments in the free text fields, we will derive tips and helpful information, which we will publish in the freelancer newsletter in due time.


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