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Across Systems GmbH has published a Light Edition of its translation management system. This new edition makes it easier for small and medium-sized language service providers and teams of freelance translators in particular to access professional translation management with manageable costs and little implementation effort. Almost all functionalities of the Across Language Server, including modules for quality and project management, are integrated in the Across Light Edition.

“With our new Light Edition, small language service providers and teams of freelance translators can expand their range of services in a cost-effective manner,” says Marina Orešković, Product Owner at Across Systems GmbH, adding: “The fully integrated project and quality management increases efficiency and improves translation results. Users of the Across Light Edition become part of the Across supply chain, allowing them to make a significant contribution to the data security of their customers.”

In order to make it as easy as possible for language service providers and freelance translators to get started in the Across translation world, the Light Edition includes a streamlined installer that allows the solution to be installed directly on the Windows 10 operating system. MS SQL Server Express, which is free to use, is supported as a database. The Light Edition is offered on the basis of an annual license model. 

Further Information could be received on https://www.across.net/en/across-light-edition and in the upcoming webinar "Translation Management especially for LSP's - The new Across Light Edition" on December 3, 2020.  


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