crossMarket: Revenue Driver for Translators

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"As lone warriors, translators and interpreters are faced with the challenge of finishing jobs under time pressure. Thus, there is not much time left for finding new customers", explains Tanja Wendling, Head of Marketing at Across Systems. "We would like to invite these experts to present themselves and their services in a professional setting and get positioned on the market with the help of crossMarket as a central business development platform."

This process is very straightforward and does not involve any costs. Language experts can showcase their expertise by setting up an informative profile which potential customers can easily find. Furthermore, they can actively browse through translation inquiries on the job board and actively apply for them. The profile will also appear in the Google search.

With a minor investment, translators and interpreters can further expand the likelihood of finding new customers. A premium membership enables them to search for potential customers and contact them directly. "The entire doing on our portal is uncomplicated and involves little overhead. An intuitive interface and easy networking options help to tackle entry obstacles and motivate users to actively use crossMarket", says Tanja Wendling. "As virtually all profile owners at language service providers and end customers are vendor managers, project managers, or translation managers, our platform offers a substantial potential for translators and interpreters."


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