Across Systems Streamlines Translation Processes at Migros Bank

Press Report

Migros Bank, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, has introduced the Across Language Server to optimize its translation processes. Furthermore, the Swiss financial institute benefits from the system's transparent project management functionality, which includes an overview of the workload of the parties involved in the process.

At Migros Bank, the communication takes place in the three national languages German, French, and Italian. Accordingly, a text volume of about 5,800 A4 pages a year needs to be translated into these languages.
To minimize the translation workload and to keep track of the translation jobs and their status, Migros Bank has introduced the Across Language Server. Among other things, the software of Across Systems GmbH comprises a central translation memory that enables users to reuse existing translations. Moreover, the translation management software features a language portal by means of which employees can directly request translations. Additionally, the Across Language Server is able to integrate neural machine translation systems, which was also one of the requirements.

Migros Bank uses the Across Language Server for the entire translation process from the order placement in the language portal to the translation to the reporting. The employees can see the status of the individual orders and where they are currently being processed. Moreover, the order management provides an overview of the workload of the team members involved.

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