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Wilfried Buß of ALDI International Services GmbH & Co. oHG and Laura Beverungen of neo communication ag are the spokespersons of the newly founded Across user group. Currently, the group has more than 30 members, including representatives of industrial enterprises and language service providers as well as freelance translators who have long-standing experience with the Across Language Server and the Across Translator Edition. By means of this group, the software enterprise provides its users with a platform for actively contributing to the optimization of the Across technology. The initial foundation meeting and the election of the group spokespersons took place during the tekom annual conference.

The members of the user group are using the Across translation management software and are keenly interested in having it optimized in line with user needs. In this group, they can talk about the Across technology as well as general topics such as translation, terminology, project management, and the translation process, sharing their experiences, wishes, and challenges they are confronted with. "We are firmly convinced that in this way, we have achieved added value both for our customers and for our developers", says Gerd Janiszewski, CEO of Across Systems. "The group represents our users, i.e. thousands of translators as well as approximately 1,500 enterprises with server installations. In this way, it serves as a communication channel toward our entire team, especially toward the product development."

Across Systems provides the user group with facilities for one annual meeting, in which experts from the company also participate. The first meeting will take place on February 1, 2018, under the theme "How Can the Translation Quality Be Improved by Using the Across Technology?".


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