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Across Systems GmbH has further expanded its training offering for industrial customers, language service providers, and freelance translators. The program now features webinars and on-site training sessions that address machine translation and post-editing. Additionally, Across Systems offers refresher training courses for previously certified language service providers. With these courses, participants can get certified for the new version Across v7.

Two-Hour Webinar "Machine Translation and Post-Editing"

This webinar addresses industrial Across customers and translators who would like to get general information about machine translation and post-editing. It takes a look at machine translation in Across and presents some general points that need to be observed when using machine translation. Moreover, the Across trainers zoom in on post-editing and show how a post-editor can efficient process texts in Across.

Two-Hour Webinar "Post-Editing with Across"

This webinar is especially beneficial for freelance translators, language service providers, and industry customers who are interested in post-editing. Apart from a general introduction, the webinar also focuses on the practical implementation. For example, it is demonstrated how neural machine translations can be processed in the Across translation environment crossDesk.

One-Day on-Site Workshop "Introducing MT with Across"

In this intensive training, the participants learn how machine translation can influence and optimize their translation process. For this purpose, existing processes are examined together with the Across trainer and supplemented with machine translation. The training addresses both the settings and background knowledge, such as the pre-editing of texts for machine translation and the post-editing of the machine output. This training is suitable for companies that seek assistance for the introduction of machine translation. Companies that already use machine translation can deepen their knowledge, streamline their processes, and ask their individual questions.

Refresher Training Courses for Across v7

These courses are designed for Across-certified language service providers. The most important new features of Across v7 are covered by the cross-module online training. The course must be taken by the employees who are already certified. After the participants have passed the final online test and provided that the result of the system check is positive, the language service provider will be awarded the "Across Certified Across v7" label.

Language service providers who are not yet Across-certified are welcome to participate in the Across classroom training courses in order to get certified.

For further information on the training offering of Across and to book courses, visit

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