Across Systems Expands Business to Ukraine

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Aspect Translation Company is a one-stop international translation company strongly focused on state-of-the-art technologies and optimized procedures. Aspect has skilled specialists with broad experience in the technical, medical, pharmaceutical and marketing fields as well as IT, legal and finance. The company provides translations from and into English, German, French, Russian and Ukrainian, exclusively using native speakers.

“Our mission is to create value of everything we do and build long-termed and fruitful cooperation with every client,” says Elena Kirsanova, CEO at Aspect Translations “We selected Across Language Server v6.0 LSP Edition to provide better quality services and help make our customer interactions easier and more convenient.“

“We are excited to expand our business in Ukraine and work with this leading translation company,“ says Christian Weih, CSO at Across Systems.“We believe that working with Aspect will provide a good opportunity to increase our visibility in Eastern Europe while providing a solution for Aspect that will help increase the efficiency of their daily operations resulting in increased customer satisfaction.“


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