Across Systems Establishes New crossMarket BU

Press Report

In mid-March, Across Systems GmbH established a separate business unit for its online platform crossMarket. Apart from translation technology, this area is a key pillar for the company's future success. Tanja Wendling, formerly Head of Marketing at Across Systems, has taken over the responsibility for the new business unit.

Tanja (age 39) embarked on her career in the translation and localization industry back in 2000, when she joined a renowned translation company in Reutlingen, Germany. She has been with Across Systems since 2011, playing a key role in organizing international marketing activities. As head of the business unit crossMarket, she now wants to actively promote the further development of the online platform. "The establishment of a dedicated business unit within the group shows how much we believe in the success of crossMarket. We are pleased that Tanja Wendling has accepted this new challenge. A separate business unit makes it easier for an enterprise to focus and provides the flexibility needed to react speedily", explains Gerd Janiszewski, CEO of Across Systems GmbH.

Anja Bergemann will head the marketing team in the Across technology unit.

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