Across Systems Discusses Further Development of Its Software with Translators

Karlsbad, September 11, 2014. As one of the first tool providers in the field of CAT (computer-aided translation), Across Systems GmbH has participated in an open discussion with translators. On August 27, 2014, the software manufacturer invited translators for a technology round table in Karlsruhe, Germany. The workshop focused specifically on the optimization of the translator-oriented Across Personal Edition.

The day was marked by a very open and constructive work atmosphere in which many ideas evolved for the further development of the software. For the Across team members from the development department, the hands-on knowledge of the experienced translators and the prioritization of the optimizations discussed were especially valuable with a view to making the Across Personal Edition even more user-oriented in the future. Now, the main task is to integrate the collected input in the further planning. The invited participants were especially appreciative of the possibility to voice their criticism and present their suggestions by way of direct dialog:

"As a long-standing user of various CAT tools, I greatly welcome the Across initiative to discuss desired (as well as some undesirable) functions with the end users of the tools. Actually, all vendors should take an equal interest in the needs of freelancers; after all, they are the ones who work with the tools every day. Unfortunately, this dialog has not yet become a fixed element of our tool landscape. In my capacity as BDÜ special adviser for language data processing and CAT tools, I feel that all vendors should organize similar events and pay more attention to what freelancers have to say in connection with the tool development. Now Across has demonstrated the courage to take this step and consult with the end users of its software. Hopefully, the suggestions will be accommodated in future versions of the tool", says Jerzy Czopik, owner of the Technical Translation Service TransDocu®, Dortmund, Germany.

Andreas Rodemann (AR-Übersetzungen) also has a positive view of the open dialog with Across: "With this event, Across has made a giant stride toward those who work with the software every day. Now we are curious to see how and when Across will implement our suggestions, and we are looking forward to working even more effectively."

In view of the great success that the round table represented for Across, it is likely that such intensive workshops will be held again. Across Systems will provide information on the further steps with respect to concrete results in due time.

Further information on the Across Personal Edition is available at


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