Across Equips Language Server with Additional New Interfaces

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To allow companies to benefit from integrated processes with maximum consistency of their multilingual data, Across Systems GmbH has equipped its Language Server with additional interfaces. In concrete terms, this involves seamless connections to the content management system Drupal as well as Pimcore, a powerful platform for data experience management. Through the incorporation of TextShuttle, Across users can also integrate machine translations into their Language Server.

“Systems that interact with each other play an important role in translation projects,” says Christian Weih-Sum, a member of the Management Board at Across Systems GmbH, explaining: “That’s because the content that needs to be adapted as part of an internationalization strategy is found there. This is the reason we continuously work with our technology partners to develop interfaces that seamlessly integrate our Across Language Server with editorial, product information management, content management, and other solutions.

The most recent example is the interfaces with Drupal and Pimcore. In the interaction between Drupal and Across Language Server, you can use just a few clicks of your mouse to launch all translation processes directly in the Drupal CMS. Editors and marketing professionals remain in the application that is familiar to them, as Across is directly integrated into Drupal and runs inconspicuously in the background. This lineup eliminates the need for time-consuming and error-prone copy-and-paste operations. The text translated by Across only needs to be reviewed before it is then available for publication, allowing companies to reduce the time and money they spend on translating Drupal websites by 75%.

The seamless incorporation of Across Language Server into Pimcore is also about facilitating the user’s work through integrated translation workflows that make it unnecessary for them to leave the working environment they are used to. Pimcore unites PIM (product information management), DAM (digital asset management), MDM (master data management) and CMS (content management) on a single platform. This platform is where translation orders are created, where the required content is sent to Across via XML, and where this content is returned to after translation is complete.

The interface to TextShuttle helps Across users achieve a measurable increase in productivity through neural machine translations. This is because TextShuttle offers both generic and customized, domain-specific neural machine translation systems that are continuously brought into line with the leading technologies. The terminology stored in Across Language Server is taken into consideration in the translations, allowing users to benefit from maximum consistency across all languages.

Further information on the Across interfaces:

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