Across Releases Emerald Update of its Language Server

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Version 7 of the translation management system Across Language Server enters the next round with the Emerald update. The new release focuses on functions that simplify terminology work and at the same time improve productivity and usability. This enables companies to manage their translation projects even more efficiently as part of their internationalization.

"The Emerald update underlines the v7 motto Speed up your translation processes," explains Sergey Dubrovskiy, Head of Development at Across Systems. "Project managers and translators can work even more easily and intuitively with our Language Server, making translation processes faster. This allows them to concentrate on creating high-quality target texts so that the company can optimally place their products on international markets."

The consistent use of terminology in all target languages is the basis for consistent and comprehensible texts. In addition, a properly maintained terminology system reduces translation costs through reuse and supports the training of machine translation systems. Across Systems has integrated exciting new functions in the Emerald Update so that companies can ensure that their terminology is always correct and available in all languages used.


Faster access to translated text segments

The new bilingual search within the translation memory, among other things, ensures greater productivity. This allows translators to search for text segments in both the source and target texts. Subsequently, the results are displayed in a well-arranged form. This new feature is particularly useful for large translation memories, as it accelerates the access and reuse of previously translated texts.


Clearer presentation of comments and changes

The improved comment function and change history also facilitate working with the Across Language Server. Both are now combined in one window, where the user can choose whether only comments or also changes are to be displayed. The new edit mode allows you to select and delete single or multiple comments simultaneously.


Assigning Customized Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts are popular because they allow you to execute commands more quickly. So that users do not have to remember different key combinations for each software they use, they can assign them individually in the Emerald Update. An import or export in the user settings is also possible.

Further information about the Emerald update can be found on the Across website: New Functions

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