Across Personal Edition to Remain Free of Charge for Freelance Translators

Karlsbad, August 20, 2013: More and more freelancers work with the Across Personal Edition. The community of close on 25,000 registered translators is constantly growing. With an efficient editor and numerous process control functions, the system from Across supports users in their daily work.

The Across Personal Edition is custom-tuned to the needs of translators. Translators can use the solution as Standby Remote Client and connect to the Across Language Server of the respective customer. In this way, tasks can be downloaded, and access can be granted to the company's translation memory and terminology database. Freelancers in particular appreciate the tool as an uncomplicated means of handling their translation projects. "Across is intuitive and user-friendly. What is more, it is free of charge for freelancers", confirms Georgina Tetley, graduate translator. A second way to use the Personal Edition is the standalone mode. This mode is useful e.g. for translators who work without a direct connection to the customer.

Across Systems offers language service providers a special LSP Edition that comprises a wide range of project management tools and that enables the connection of several team members via clients.

Across Expertise for Translators

For example, Across Systems promotes translators by means of regular webinars that convey practical tips in various areas in connection with the Personal Edition. Moreover, the second Across translator academy will be held on October 01 and 02. The first day addresses newcomers with no or little Across experience; on the second day, advanced users will be provided with a deeper insight into the Across systems settings. The seminars will be held in German; English-language sessions are being planned.

See for information on the webinars.


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