Across Language Server Supports COTI

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The Across Language Server—the translation management software of Across Systems GmbH—now supports the Common Translation Interface (COTI). Companies can thus benefit from seamless data exchange between the worlds of content creation and translation. This greatly facilitates the work of writers who create and maintain texts in multiple languages, as they can access translations directly in their work environment.

"The Across Language Server is a central platform for all corporate language resources and translation processes. Accordingly, interfaces to interacting systems have always been of great importance to us", explains Gerd Janiszewski, CEO of Across Systems. "They enable our customers to implement an automated, sustainable, effective data transfer process."

COTI is a defined format for the data exchange between editorial systems or CMS and translation systems, which was initiated by the DERCOM association. With the help of this interface, export-oriented enterprises that deliver their technical documentation, marketing texts, brochures, etc. in several languages can exchange translation jobs between the systems. In this way, translation costs and error sources are reduced. At the same time, manual workload for the data maintenance is avoided despite the proliferation of languages and projects.

The Across Language Server supports levels 2 and 3 of the COTI. The difference of these levels from level 1 is that the data exchange takes place automatically via exchange folders or web services. Further information: COTI interface

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