Across Features New Interfaces to CMS and PIM Systems

Press Report

Karlsbad, November 25, 2019. The Across Language Server, the translation management software from Across Systems GmbH, can now be directly connected to the software solutions Censhare, Eggheads, and Magnolia. Users benefit from seamless translation processes and consistent data in multiple languages.

Product information management (PIM) and content management systems (CMS) are used to manage content that needs to be translated within the context of an internationalization strategy. To minimize the manual project management overhead for the transfer of text to the translation process, Across Systems offers interfaces to interacting systems. Thanks to the seamless interaction, enterprises can deliver product information, catalogs, and website content in various languages within a very short time.

With interfaces between the Across Language Server and Censhare, Eggheads, and Magnolia, the users of these CMS/PIM systems can now efficiently automate their editorial and translation processes.

On our website you can find more information about the interfaces.

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