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"The world of translation is on the move: For the past 10 years, we have developed efficient translation technology for translators, language service providers, and enterprises. The Across Language Server had already reflected the goal of Across to enable transparent collaboration of all involved in the translation process. Now, the time has come to bring together the supply and demand for translation services in order to further improve the interaction between all parties involved", says Niko Henschen, CEO of Across Systems GmbH.

crossMarket offers different membership types for translators, language service providers, and enterprises. The presentation options in the personal profile are aligned with the needs of the target groups. For example, translation service providers can showcase their competencies, fields of specialization, and Across expertise, thereby attracting new sales and marketing potential. With the help of crossMarket, customers can search for Across experts and expand their supplier network. In this context, Across does not influence the price negotiations; crossMarket merely serves networking and communication purposes.

The crossMarket membership offers a special treat for freelance translators: For them, the bundle includes the Across Translator Edition, the new Across Edition for freelance translators.

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