Across Classroom Training to Boost User Skills

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In 2020, Across Systems GmbH will continue with its classroom training program. The program is designed for newcomers who would like to get to know the translation management system as well as advanced users who would like to enhance their skills. By participating in the classroom training, translation companies can also have their Across skills officially confirmed by the manufacturer. The first classroom training will take place from March 17 to 20, 2020.

The classroom training takes place on three consecutive days and provides a comprehensive overview of the work with the Across Language Server. The training program comprises the four modules "Project Management", "System Management", "Translation", and "Terminology". Instead of booking all modules, it is also possible to book individual modules. To ensure maximum learning success, the number of participants is limited to six per training session.

Businesses and language service providers that would like to obtain the Across certificate in order to furnish evidence of their skills with this translation management system are required to take all modules.

Classroom training sessions are regularly held in English and German. Further information and dates: classroom training.

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