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Emerald Update

Across version 7 is entering its next round. The Emerald update comes with some more great features:

Bilingual Search in the crossTank Manager

As the translation memory gets bigger and bigger, the search for certain segments can get difficult. For this reason, we have introduced a bilingual search function in the crossTank Manager. Using this function, you can now search the source text and target text in one go. Subsequently, the results are displayed in a well-arranged form.

Bilingual Filter in crossView

The Emerald update enables you to apply, not only status-based filters, but also a content filter both to the source text and to the target text. You can filter by two different search modes—"containing" and "not containing"—e.g. to make sure that your translations are consistent.

Improved Comment Function and Change History

As of Across Language Server v7, the comment function and the change history have been redesigned. Among other things, these two functions have been consolidated in a single crossDesk pane. To improve the clarity of the content of this pane, the Emerald update now enables you to filter whether you want to see comments only or changes as well. The newly introduced processing mode enables the selection and deletion of one or several comments at the same time. With the needed rights, it is also possible to delete comments of other users.

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

The use of keyboard shortcuts can make your work faster and easier. However, it is not always easy to remember the plethora of keyboard shortcuts of different tools. The Emerald update enables you to configure, export, and import custom keyboard shortcuts both in the user settings of the Client and in crossWeb.

Handling Terminology Orders via the Across Language Server

Untranslated terms in your terminology database can be exported directly from crossTerm Now to the Across Language Server as a standalone project and be translated there. Upon completion, the translations can be re-imported to crossTerm Now Now. In this way, your corporate terminology will always be correct and up to date in all languages used.

Filter for Post-Edited Paragraphs

Get a quick overview of which paragraphs have already been edited manually after machine pre-translation and which ones not. This facilitates the integration of machine translation and post-editing in your translation process.

Directly Post Translation Jobs to crossMarket

To make it even easier to find suitable translation partners for your projects, link your Online Client to your company profile on crossMarket. In this way, you will get information about the language experts in the network and can directly post your translation jobs to the job board. This function is also available with the free basic membership on crossMarket.

Working with Workflows in crossTerm Now

The new login function enables you to manage user profiles with different access rights. You can now also create individual workflows in crossTerm Now for your translations and term proposals. In the Gilded Sapphire update, we have further expanded the crossTerm Now workflows. Workflow steps can be assigned to individual users. Reminders are sent to the users by e-mail.

Quality Management reloaded

The interactive quality management module now features extensive new QM criteria. It shows you exactly which errors your translation contains, and where. You can easily apply the automatic correction proposals with a click or manually correct the respective passages. In this way, you can evaluate and optimize the quality of your translations even more speedily.

Smart Integration of Machine Translation

Simply integrate common MT systems* like KantanMT, DeepL oder SYSTRAN in your translation processes. Extensive configuration options enable the mapping of diverse application scenarios.

*Information about the systems and licenses is available from the respective provider.

Concurrently Open Multiple Tasks

Reduce the workload for the translation of smaller documents by simply opening them concurrently within a project. This also helps you to ensure the consistency of your translations.

More Detailed Information in the Project Properties

The project properties now feature even more detailed information on your translation projects. All changes and comments in the project history can be traced transparently.

Easier Partitioning of Documents

Accelerate your translation processes by distributing large tasks to several translators. The partitioning has become more straightforward and can be configured separately for each language. The customer can decide whether the Trusted Server is permitted to partition tasks.

Smaller Data Packages from the Trusted Server

When delivering finished translation tasks, the Trusted Server no longer sends any crossTank packages. All finished translations are directly stored in the translation memory of the Master Server.

Add Comments with a Click

We have fundamentally revised the comment function for you. The improved usability facilitates and speeds up the commenting process. Project managers can transparently view all comments.

Other New Features in Version 7

For an overview of the most important new features and changes in version 7, please refer to our

PDF – New Features in v7

Information for translators:

Across Translator Edition v7

There are also numerous updates within a version to increase user friendliness.

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